BeoSound 4 (Condition A)

BeoSound 4 (Condition A)

Simplicity paired with elegance is what BeoSound 4 efficiently delivers
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BeoSound 4 (Condition A) BeoSound 4 (Condition A) BeoSound 4 (Condition A) BeoSound 4 (Condition A)

BeoSound 4

Audio out of this world

Make your music more accessible, movable and enjoyable. BeoSound 4 has a built-in CD player, FM radio, and SD card slot for recording and playback flexibility. DAB radio is also available as a factory fitted option. Record music on an SD memory card directly from BeoSound 4, or transfer and listen to digital files from your computer. BeoSound 4 records sound in a quality that the human ear cannot distinguish from CD quality, and supports SD memory cards up to 2 GB. Completing the compact listening experience, the new BeoLab 4 loudspeaker matches BeoSound 4 perfectly in concept and execution.

The dark arts

Reach out towards BeoSound 4’s operation panel and watch as the dark glass door moves gently up to reveal the buttons and wheels of the operation panel. Select CD, and the glass door continues upwards and the CD clamper rises up to greet you. The full-graphic display allows for running text and combines with the wheels and buttons on the panel to ensure simple, but effective control of all your extended musical options. In addition to the menu buttons, the turn-and-click navigation wheel offers shortcuts through large amounts of information. Placed just on its round aluminium base on a table or shelf, BeoSound 4 is the epitome of simplicity from every angle. Other placement options include a tall floor stand and wall brackets for full flexibility while matching other Bang & Olufsen equipment.

Accessibility and flexibility

In addition to CD, FM, and the optional DAB radio, BeoSound 4 also includes a built-in memory card function that makes it possible to record music directly, or to transfer and listen to digital files from your computer. Once your music has been moved to the memory card, it can be played on BeoSound 4, on our BeoSound 2 digital music player and also on the portable BeoSound 3. You can also choose to connect an external music player, such as an iPod, directly to BeoSound 4.

BeoSound 4 is the perfect audio system in a BeoLink setup, and can be enhanced via BeoPort to include access to Internet radio. With BeoLink, BeoSound 4 can distribute audio experiences throughout your home.




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