BeoLab 8000

BeoLab 8000

A refurbished pair of BeoLab 8000 speakers with bases.
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BeoLab 8000 is one of Bang & Olufsen's most iconic sets of speakers. With its timeless design and sleek appearance, BeoLab 8000 is one of Bang & Olufsen's most popular speakers.

Second life grading is as follows;

A - Mint condition

B - Some minor marks

C - Various minor marks

D - Substantial markings and/or heavy scratches

Dimensions W x H x D/Weight:

17 x 132 x 17 cm/20 kg

Cabinet/cloth finish

aluminium/black, black/black, dark grey/dark grey, red/black, blue/black, aluminium/white, golden/black.
Stopped Jan. 2009: Yellow

Networked standby

1.8 watts

Off mode

0 watts


6801 EU 230V
6802 GB 230V
6803 USA-CDN 120V
6804 J 100V
6805 AUS 240V
6806 KOR 220V

Maximum sound pressure level (stereo, pair)

99 dB

Power amplifier modules

2 units, Class AB

Long-term maximum output power per module*

143 watts

Effective frequency range*

52 - 20,000 Hz

Cabinet principle

Bass Reflex

Magnetic shielded



2 x 10 cm - 4"


1.9 cm - 3/4"

Net volume

5.3 litres

Bass equalizer

Adaptive (ABL)



Type 9701, Black (part number: 3103321)

Wall bracket

Type 2195, Silver (part number: 1219513)



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