BeoLine 1

BeoLine 1

At least one BeoLine transmitter is required for every Bang & Olufsen telephone system. These are refurbished items.
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BeoLine 1 BeoLine 1 BeoLine 1 BeoLine 1

The BeoLine 1 is an integral part of every Bang & Olufsen telephone system. This is the part which plugs into your phone line and wirelessly distributes the phone signal to up to 8 Bang & Olufsen handsets anywhere around your property. The advantage of working this way is that it means that any of your handsets with chargers will only have to plug in where you have a mains socket rather than being limited to being placed where you have a mains and telephone point. So all you will need to do is simply plug the BeoLine 1 into a phone socket and mains socket and then hide it from view leaving you free to place your phones where ever you would like to.

As the BeoLine 1 supports up to 8 handsets, its built-in intercom system comes in handy for communicating room to room - the end of shouting upstairs to let the kids know dinner is ready!

Category Base, cordless
Standard DECT
Line interface 1 analog, PSTN
Range indoor / outdoor up to 50 m/300 m
Memory (Phonebook) up to 200 numbers with names
Handset up to 8
Redial Yes
Caller ID with date and hour Yes
Call-Waiting (Yes)
Flash Short/long/custom
Name and number lengths 30 digits and 25 characters selected
Character sets Full alphabetic keyboard.
The set of characters is country and/or language dependent.
Upper/lowercase characters


REN (Ringer Equivalency Number)


Dimensions W x H x D 120 x 42 x 15 mm (± 5 mm)
Dimensions W x H x D, incl. Wall bracket 120 x 42 x 20 mm (± 5 mm)


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