BeoVision 11-46

BeoVision 11-46

A masterpiece of sound, picture and digital entertainment BeoVision 11 will challenge your senses and all previous conceptions of what a TV can be.
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BeoVision 11-46 BeoVision 11-46 BeoVision 11-46 BeoVision 11-46


New digital freedom

BeoVision 11 challenges all previous conceptions of what a TV can be by introducing a world of digital entertainment at your fingertips. Add a built-in hard-drive to your Bang & Olufsen's Smart TV and use Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV®) to pause programmes, download extra content on your favourite shows or to catch up on entertainment you would otherwise have missed. BeoVision 11 connects to your game console, Apple TV or Blu-ray player. Now, regardless of what entertainment you’re after, there’s the freedom to enjoy it all.


The magic of sound

Beautiful images become even more compelling when accompanied by overwhelming sound and with the WiSA enabled wireless module built into BeoVision 11, you can connect a full surround sound setup, completely wirelessly.


The black curtain glides sideways to reveal the screen. Gently at first, then speeding up slightly until it disappears. This magical cinema moment is a feature of every Bang & Olufsen television, a classic experience re-interpreted for the home.

As always, the little details are lavished with attention. The sliding curtain's smooth, natural movement is the result of countless tests and calculations, as is its speed, which is precisely calibrated for the size of the screen.


Natural refinement

In defining new levels of form, function and durability, refinement of even the smallest detail is of utmost importance.


Picture freedom

Bang & Olufsen glass goes through incredible precision engineering to produce its instant, eye-catching clarity.



There are only two places in the world that produce glass to Bang & Olufsen’s exacting standards. This exceptional glass is then treated on both sides with anti-reflection coating to reduce unwanted reflections entering or leaving the screen. A subtle, dark tint further reduces any unwanted influences of light.

We are confident your eyes will light up the moment they experience a Bang & Olufsen screen in action. And, while they may not consciously notice the reduced reflections, an unmistakable impression will remain - that nothing was left to chance.



Customised picture and sound settings to different viewing and listening situations
  • Smart TV, with DLNA
  • Connect to Set-top boxes, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, controlled by one remote
  • Motorised floor or wall bracket will automatically adjust its angle when you press TV
  • Senses the level of incident light and dynamically alters the adjustments to deliver the most astonishing picture with incredible depth
  • Built-in DSS – full surround sound when adding speakers


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